One of the most common procedures in the dental industry is wisdom tooth removal. In fact, patients consider this treatment to be mandatory as their teeth develop. Frequent questions that the public may have is why they occur in the first place and why it is necessary to have them removed. Your dentist in El Cajon can help you determine the answers to these questions as well as schedule you in for an appointment to have your own wisdom tooth removed.

What is the History of Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth originated with the earliest appearance of modern humans. Since early individuals had a diet consisting primarily of roots, raw meat, and fibrous plants, extra molars were needed to allow these foods to be adequately broken down in the chewing process. In modern times, humans have adopted softer foods in their diet. With this adjustment in diet, humans have developed smaller jaws that often lead to the third molars being misaligned.

Why do Wisdom Teeth Require Removal?

Wisdom teeth may occur for most individuals between the ages of 17 and 21. They do not always develop and align perfectly with the existing teeth, which leads to the need for removal via tooth extraction. The following reasons are common for wisdom teeth needing removal: teeth becoming impacted, no space for the molars to develop, and the molars not developing correctly.

If you believe you have wisdom teeth that are causing pain and need to have removed, contact CITIDental El Cajon and schedule an appointment today.