Scaling and root planing might sound like you just pulled landscaping duty, but it actually has to do with your oral health. If you need a scaling and root planing, chances are that you suffer from gum disease, which is an inflammation of your gum tissue that affects both your teeth and the bones that support them in your mouth. CITIDental El Cajon is committed to providing the care you need to address periodontal disease in its various stages.

Scaling and Root Planing Instrumentation

We’ll use either manual or ultrasonic scaling tools (more likely a combination of both) to conduct our scaling and root planing procedure. These instruments and devices are designed to effectively eliminate plaque and infection utilizing sonic vibration. An ultrasonic scaling device is good for removing tartar (calculus buildup), plaque and also biofilm, from the surface of the tooth to underneath the gum line. Manual instruments might need to be used for the finer detail work.

The Procedure Itself

Scaling has to do with plaque and tartar removal above and below your gum line, cleaning all the way down to the pocket. Root planing involves smoothing out the tooth’s roots, which will help assist your gums reattach themselves to your teeth. It can generally take 2-4 visits to completely finish the procedure to achieve desired results.

Prevention is the Key

If we catch gum disease early, a professional cleaning should do the trick. If the pockets run too deep, a scaling and root planing procedure will be needed to take care of the situation. Gum disease that has advanced and progressed past gingivitis (also called chronic periodontitis) can still benefit from a scaling and root planing procedure.

After Your Scaling and Root Planing Procedure

You might experience some pain after your procedure for a couple days, but not to worry. Teeth can be sensitive for up to a week, in many cases. Minor bleeding could also occur, as well as gum and mouth tenderness. We might prescribe medication or a mouth rinse to facilitate healing and protect your teeth and gums. We’ll give you all the follow-up care you need to experience ideal results.

Contact CITIDental El Cajon today if you think you could benefit from a scaling and root planing procedure. We’re here to help set you on the path to great oral health for years to come.