When a tooth is damaged or diseased, our endodontist in El Cajon recommends a root canal. The treatment helps preserve the tooth by removing the pulp which helped the root grow while the tooth developed. As an adult, this part can be removed without negatively affecting the tooth because it is supported by surrounding tissue.

The endodontics treatment is usually completed in one or two dental appointments. A temporary filling is put in place until a permanent filling or crown replaces it. Avoiding hard and sticky foods initially is advisable.

Advantages of Root Canal Treatment

One of the biggest advantages of a treatment of the root is that it preserves the natural appearance of your smile. It allows you to keep the teeth that you have without extensive cosmetic dentistry which takes time and costs money. It also makes chewing easier and protects the other teeth that you have from damage.

Treating Your Teeth Right

To care for your teeth following a treatment takes care and consideration. You don’t want to make the mistake of pulling out the temporary filling or causing pain to your newly crowned or filled tooth once the treatment is complete. You’ll want to take the pain medicine prescribed by your dentist and follow post-treatment instructions.

You’ll also want to continue to brush and floss your teeth. Be gentle so you don’t further irritate the treated area. If you notice that you have swelling that doesn’t subside, contact us right away for further instructions.

Scheduling regular dental exams and teeth cleanings help you maintain good oral hygiene and prevent future problems with your teeth. The need to have a root canal lessens when a tooth is healthy and cared for well. That means less stress on your mouth and wallet.

Our Dental Office Puts Our Customers First

Our endodontist in El Cajon puts you first. That’s because no two mouths are the same. When you schedule an appointment with us for a treatment of the root, you’re in good hands. You’ll feel little pain and be able to keep your teeth without extracting and replacing them.

Call us today to confirm a date for your treatment. We don’t want you to be in pain or discomfort. The treatment is a simple and painless yet effective way to deal with a damaged tooth.