Maintenance Tips for a Healthy Smile

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Maintenance Tips for a Healthy Smile

A healthy smile is something that we tend to take for granted until something goes wrong. The truth is, we always have to work on our smiles to keep them looking nice and lasting long. In order to keep up with our healthy smiles we must put forth the maintenance and effort a beautiful smile requires. Although we can take care of the bulk of the maintenance at home, visiting a dentist can be quite helpful for learning, getting cleanings, and perfomring check-ups. Here are five tips to help you contribute to the maintenance of your own healthy and beautiful smile:

Daily Brushing

Your teeth should be brushed at least two times a day. It is very important to brush your teeth in the morning when you wake up and at night before bed. This routine helps us control the plaque that builds up overnight as well as the accumulation of food particles throughout the day. If you fail to remove the debris and scum from your teeth, you can be vulnerable to tooth decay.


Flossing Benefits

Flossing is quite beneficial to your dental health. It is a dental step that many patients skip because it seems optional. Skipping this step will show it itself over time as plaque begins to build up in the spaces between your teeth. Untreated plaque that gets into the gum line can also cause gingivitis. You only need to complete this step once a day, and the best time to do it is before bed as you can remove all of the food particles accumulated throughout the day.


Maintenance On the Go


Busy people in El Cajon can stay on top of smile maintenance by carrying around floss picks, especially when they go out. Having a pick on hand makes it easier to pick food out of your teeth after each meal. The last thing you want is for the food particles to be forgotten, causing bacteria that leads to tartar and plaque build-up.


Healthy Eating

Maintaining a good diet is not exclusively for maintaining good weight and shape. Our food choices also affect what happens inside our mouths. Our teeth are bones we have to care for and they appreciate nutritious calcium. Sugar can be toxic to your mouth over time because the build-up of sugar will break down our oral structure and help breed bad bacteria. Sugar-free drinks are the best for your teeth, and plain water definitely helps keep your mouth flushed.

Oil Wash

The holistic practice of oil swishing is really a thing. Swish oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes and it will pull the germs and toxins off of your teeth as well hydrate your teeth and gums. You should spit the oil out after each session, and in time you can maintain a healthier mouth.

These tips primarily consist of basic do-it-yourself maintenance ideas that can be completed at home between dental visits. Ultimately, it is still recommended to visit the dentist at least twice per year to get professional cleanings. You can schedule an appointment at CITIDental El Cajon for the best professional cleaning service and treatments.

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