Many Americans suffer from tooth and tissue loss for different reasons. Some deteriorate over time due to age. Others are caused by disease or injury. No matter what the cause may be, dentures are a solution offered by cosmetic dentistry offices because of their cost and convenience.

Two Options

Our dentist in El Cajon gives patients options. The first is a full set of dentures to replace all the teeth and tissue that they’re missing. Some patients who experience tooth decay or have lost many teeth opt to have the rest pulled so they can be fitted for top and bottom dentures.

The second option is a partial. If a person still has at least one tooth in their upper or lower jar, they’re given a bridge containing replacement teeth. They are attached to a pink or gum colored base that can be removed to be cleaned or at night when a person is ready to sleep.

Advantages of Having Removable Replacement Teeth

In addition to improving a person’s smile, removable replacement teeth have other advantages. The first is giving the patient a better experience chewing. When teeth are broken or missing, it can be difficult to eat or even enjoy eating.

Another advantage is how supportive a full set or partial set of replacement teeth is. The muscles in the face are better supported and bone loss is halted. Replacement teeth improve a person’s health and overall well-being.

Self-confidence is one of the most rewarding things that come with dental work. When you invest money in your smile, your self-esteem soars. You’re able to achieve more because you look and feel your very best.

Removable replacement teeth are affordable and long lasting. Many insurance companies pay for denture services. Contacting your provider helps answer any questions you have about out-of-pocket costs.

What Sets Our Dental Office Apart from Others in the Area

Our dental practice is one that values every patient. We consider your unique needs, dental history, age, and lifestyle. We want to provide you with the best options for you so you can maintain better oral health.

Improve Your Smile by Setting Up an Appointment Today

Improve your smile by setting up an appointment with one of our dentist in El Cajon today. You don’t have to walk around with broken or missing teeth. In fact, we’re the first to admit how confident our patients feel when they’ve restored their smile with a full or partial set of replacement teeth.