Even if you’re an experienced brusher and flosser, the likelihood of you getting particles of food and bacteria trapped in the tiny crevices of your teeth is grand. That’s why many dentists recommend sealants. The dental procedure helps protect back teeth by covering them with a thin plastic coating.

Advantages of Dental Sealants

The advantages of dental sealants include fewer cavities and less dental treatment costs. Young children can have protective “raincoats” put over their teeth as their premolars and molars grow in. This allows them to maintain good oral health without fillings or replacement teeth.

Sealants last many years and can be maintained through regular examinations of the back teeth. If your dentist notices that the sealant needs replaced, an appointment will be scheduled to do the treatment. Reapplying the sealing gel will once again protect the teeth from damage and prevent cavities.

The sealant process is quick and easy. It isn’t painful for the dentist to complete the treatment, either. That’s why it’s recommended for children as young as age six and teenagers, too.

Caring for Sealed Teeth

It’s important to care for sealed teeth the way that they’ve been cared for before. We recommend that patients continue to brush and floss as they normally do. This prevents tooth decay from occurring in unsealed teeth.

Regular cleanings are important, too, for removing plaque from the surface of the teeth. Scheduling routine maintenance for mouths helps keep smiles spectacular. When teeth are diseased or damaged, it’s painful and affects our patients negatively.

Patients are a Priority at Our Dental Office

We’re people-oriented. We make our patients a priority every single time they come in for a scheduled appointment. We know that dental work is an investment so we make sure the men, women, and children that visit our dental office are satisfied with the work we do on their mouths.

Our Dentists Take Pride in a Job Well Done

Our dentists in El Cajon take pride in a job well done. If you want to visit a dental office that you can trust, contact us right away to schedule a consultation to discuss the possibility of sealants and other dental procedures. We’re here to assist you in maintaining good dental health and oral hygiene.