Dental crowns are caps or covers for damaged, filled or discolored teeth. Dental bridges are different in material and design. They’re ceramic and help close gaps caused by missing or extracted teeth. A ceramic tooth is fitted in between two porcelain crowns which serve as anchors for the replacement tooth.

The anchor teeth are shaped in a way that fits the crowns, and then the bridge is bonded to the teeth. This keeps them in place securely without fear of losing them or breaking them. Eating and speaking with crowns and bridges isn’t difficult at all.

When Are Crowns and Bridges Recommended?

There are many times dental crowns and dental bridges are recommended. For instance, say you have a few teeth that are severely discolored. A crown covers up the color without requiring additional services such as teeth whitening.

Other reasons why a crown would be put into a patient’s mouth include protecting a damaged tooth from further decay or breakage, replacing a large filling that has gone missing, and anchoring a bridge to secure a replacement tooth. Our dentists in El Cajon have experience working with people of all ages to protect their teeth and restore their smiles with crowns and bridges.

Caring for Your Teeth Following the Procedure

You’ll want to take good care of your teeth following your dental procedure. To do so, you’ll want to brush your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste multiple times a day. You’ll also want to floss daily.

It’s advisable to schedule follow-up appointments with our dentist to ensure that your teeth remain healthy after getting crowns and a bridge. You’ll also need to be careful when eating not to damage or disturb the work that was done. Hard foods and ice are things you’ll want to avoid chewing as a preventative measure to keep your dental work intact for a long time.

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Why You Should Choose Us for Your Dental Work

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