CITIDental El Cajon provides cosmetic fillings which serve both aesthetic enhancement purposes, but also preventive purposes. They’re both for looks and for functionality. We have experience in providing excellent, concentrated dental care to each and every one of our patients. We provide a supportive and comfortable atmosphere for our patients to get the oral health services they need in order to achieve a winning smile.

We use composite fillings that we can apply in 30 minutes. We can do the treatment during your lunch hour, or, if you have kids, they’ll only miss one class.

Benefits of Cosmetic Fillings

Cosmetic fillings can be matched to the exact same shade as your tooth, so nobody will know the difference. Composite fillings are preferable over silver or amalgam fillings because they are less ostentatious, and they are made of resin or plastic instead of metal alloy (which contains some level of mercury).

Composite fillings look more aesthetically pleasing, and they also require less drilling, so it’s a more conservative move for your teeth than amalgam fillings. Our cosmetic fillings harden in seconds and bond strongly to your natural tooth. They can also be repaired if damaged.

Dental fillings benefit your teeth in the following ways:

  • Retains healthy tooth structure
  • Limits dental trauma
  • Limits damage brought on by cavities and tooth decay
  • Reestablishes proper tooth functionality
  • Prevents tooth loss or further damage
  • Leaves the tooth stronger
  • Treatment is non-complex and short in duration
  • Administering fillings in early stages is more cost effective
  • Procedure discomfort minimal, less post-operative sensitivity than most dental procedure

Cosmetic Filling Areas

  • Chewing surface
  • Biting Edge of Front Tooth
  • Top Cusps of Back Teeth
  • Sides of Teeth

Your Cosmetic Filling with CITIDental El Cajon

We’ll go over your history and make an assessment. We’ll discuss everything with you and determine the most effective route of treatment. We’ll generally numb the area with anesthetic, followed by damaged tooth structure (tooth decay) removal. Filling placement follows the cleaning process, followed by shaping and polishing. Your filling will feel just as natural as the rest of your tooth.

Cosmetic Fillings Cost

We’ll discuss everything with you during your initial visit. Cosmetic fillings cost varies from case to case. No two treatments are the same at CITIDental El Cajon. We discuss everything upfront with our patients before we commence with procedure.

Your Initial Consultation

Contact CITIDental El Cajon today to learn more about our cosmetic fillings. If you believe that you suffer from cavities or tooth decay, it’s important that you act as soon as possible. We look forward to helping you achieve a health, beautiful smile.